The city of Dole

River sail with NICOLS YACHT.

From March to October, during weeks and weekends. Rent a motorized houseboat with no licence and sail out and enjoy the freedom discovering the region. Departure from Dole on the river Doubs, destination the river Rhin or the Saône department.

Information and bookings :

Rue du Prélot

Tel : 03 84 82 65 57

Boat trip on Dole “Une Belle Aventure”..

Unlicensed boat rental & electric bikes in Dole – Boat trips & guided tours on the Doubs.

Reservation, reception, DOLE port.

Parking avenue de LAHR.

Port : 06 82 99 78 99

Discovery walk of the center of DOLE.

Be told the story of Dole walking along a route laid out int the 18th century. Viewpoints dominating the city, sculpures, gardens and architectural monuments relate the rich and long history of DOLE and the main characters who animated it along.

A brochure describing the journey is at your disposal at the campsite reception.

Further information on the brochure or please contact L’ Animation du patrimoine

Mail :

Any inquieries concerning organized group visists can be addressed to l’Office de tourisme du Pays de Dole


Get to Dijon or Besancon from the centre of DOLE via a European itinerary that links up the city of Nantes to Budapest. A bicycle ride that takes you to the heart of the « terroirs » of Franche conté and the Doubs department along the canal du Rhône au Rhin. Ride across enchanting and typical landscapes riddled with natural and archtectural singularities of the Dole countryside: the native house of Louis PASTEUR, the collegiate church of Notre-Dame, the « commanderie », the church of Mont Roland, the tanners’s canal, the rivers Doubs and Loue. And for those of you audacious enough, transform the ride further into a green journey by taking the path leading to the heart of the forest of chaux, second largest private forest of the country and sheltering one of the biggest broad-leaved tree clump (especially oaks) of the French territory.

Information at DOLE’s Tourist Office.

Tel : 03 84 72 11 22

Flower and vegetable gardens.

Sharpen your senses at the Jardin Botanique des Chevannes, wander along in the middle of numerous medicinal plants a few feets away from Louis pasteur’s native house.

You also can observe the great collection of unknown and rares plants of the Jardin “à la Faulx” created in 1984 (information: 0384722784, Mme Gisèle Besana).

Discover or re-discover the biodiversity of our vegetable patrimony where ancient or little known vegetables and odorant plants are harmoniously mixed together at the Potagers d’Hier et d’Aujourd’hui (Information : 0608892690, Mme Brigitte PUTOT).

Many other places of interest at l’office du tourisme du pays de DOLE.

MMuseums and historic monuments.

A non-exhaustive list that should awake one’s curiosity :

Musée de la maison natale de Louis PASTEUR

La Collégiale Notre-Dame de DOLE

Le Musée des Beaux-arts de DOLE

We shall note as well the tanners district, the riverport or the Hotel-Dieu, as many departure spots for travalling in DOLE’s history and time. You can complete this lise on the various websites already listed further up. Find out the places already mentioned and many others as well as all information you may need.

The “pays Dolois”

Hot air balloon ride..

An hour flight over various sites in en Franche-Comté and Bourgogne. Gently rock away with the silence and enjoy the countryside landscapes. Jura Montgolfières also offers you the possibility to organize weekend rides for couples and groups with half-board in « relais château hotels ».

Information and booking :

Tel : 06 71 88 51 60

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RRambling and hiking.

Choose among various theme oriented routes such as nature, culture, landscapes.

nformations :

Maison de la nature.

Tel : 03 84 85 12 75

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n a coach or on horseback, follow an commented itinerary across the Bresse country.

Information and booking :

Tel : 03 84 85 59 00
Port : 06 85 35 80 92.

You can ride across the superb Chaux forest as well, or even the vineyards of Arbois confortably seated in a harnessed coach or on the saddle of your horse which breed originates from the region.

Information and booking :

Tel : 03 84 37 66 16

Leasure center of VAL NATURE

Hiking, rambling, treking, bike-riding (with or without GPS), tree-top climbing, acrobatic trails, canyoning, water trecking, climbing, speleology, orientation racing and many other activities are available.

Information :

Tel : 03 84 37 72 04